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Carey & Conner is a brand development, professional marketing and sales consulting company, focused on helping entrepreneurs with complete business development. Carey and Conner Consulting has created multiple brands with its’ innovative marketing and consulting model. Carey and Conner Consulting has a one of a kind business model that teaches the importance of cohesiveness, scalability and organizational clarity within a company’s infrastructure.




How do we choose our Brands?

Longevity Business Models

Carey & Conner’s brands are not only for today’s market, but are geared for long-term, sustainable growth. Each business model must meet our longevity measuring application in order to maintain the highest rate of success for each of our brands.

Residual Income

What a lot of entrepreneurs fail to learn is that a business isn’t just what you’re doing today, but understanding what type of long-term potential there is for their business. All of Carey & Conner’s brands have a residual income base, where the model possesses the strength to get through the tough times because of the established residual income.

Sustainable Competitive Advantage

In most cases a business model must stand out from the rest in order to get market share. What separates the innovators and just the imitators is a sustainable competitive advantage. Creating a business with propitiatory products or services opens the door for a brand to get noticed. When a brand looks the same as every other brand its much more difficult to dominate the competition.

Recession Resistant

When building a robust business model, it is import an to eliminate as much risk as possible. Carey & Conner brands are as affected by the economy and external elements that are outside of their control.


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    Joe Puuri

    Director, Intelligent Services
    Partnering with Carey & Conner has been a great experience. With our experience being in the tech world, I’ve never seen a marketing company as automated and cutting edge when it comes to marketing and sales processes. We have used multiple types of sales teams and sold businesses in the millions and we wish we knew Carey & Conner back then because they are the best that they come. It has been a great experience and would highly recommend them to anyone.


Marketing Systems


Fortune 500 Marketing System

Our complete marketing packages are like having a Fortune 500 marketing director, content marketer, marketing assistant and video director working for your business. With these capabilities, this is what will separate the start-up businesses from the growing small business owners.

Marketing Automation

Our automation maximizes the marketing and sales processes by enhancing knowledge of the customer’s behavior with the ability to work behind the scenes with no effort by your staff. In fact, our marketing systems will save you over $80,000 per year in marketing and sales labor.

Measure and Analyze

Having the detailed results of the marketing system is vital to knowing the success of the product, sales team, marketing campaigns and the company as a whole. Possessing knowledge is the difference between success and failure.

Sales Programs

Sales Domination

Our sales program can increase your sales by 38%. We customize our sales program based on the specific need of each business. Our program will help cut down the sales cycle and focus on the hot button of the customer.

Thinking Outside the Box

With our innovative approach with our sales programs, we’re able to utilize the most perfected sales systems and cutting-edge sales tools that are necessary to build sales teams.

Increasing Sales

With our sales programs we’re able to increase your sales reps’ selling time and reduce the sales cycle in most cases. The average sales rep will increase their sales by 38% through our sales program, and increase their selling time up to 72%.


Business Consulting


Brand Development

From developing new ideas, to discovering the most marketable avenue of an innovative brand, Carey & Conner works one-on-one with businesses; whether developing ideas from scratch to working with existing brands. Carey & Conner Consulting is a skilled and proven firm that knows what it takes to create a sustainable, recession resistant, competitive product.

Brand Expansion

When a business hits the plateau of consistent gross sales and hasn’t seen any rapid growth, this is usually the time for the business to find ways to expand. Carey & Conner knows how to strategically expand a healthy business; from the teaching of the executive team to finding the best solution, including franchising, IPO, Corporate locations and more.

Turnaround Consulting

If a business has a great product but has hit some hard times and is in need of a Turnaround Solution, Carey & Conner Consulting helps with bringing new and cutting edge ideas. Businesses in need of Turnaround Solutions arrived in their situation by different means and Carey & Conner Consulting knows that the same solution won’t work for every business. Carey & Conner uses the Strategic Turnaround Approach to analyze each business and create a customized plan for success.

Business Consulting

We’ll customize every part of the Business Development, Turnaround Consulting or Business Expansion programs to give the business the program needed to be successful.

Sales Program

Increased sales growth by 38%, reduced sales cycles by 50% and reduced wasted time with suspects by 65%. 100% Satisfaction.

Marketing Systems

Our Marketing Systems will increase your sales reps selling time up to 72% and separate you from the mom and pop size businesses to help you become a successful small business.





Carey & Conner approaches each prospective client with the correct methods to give both the client and our consulting firm the data it takes to make a good judgement on what company to work with or to invest in. Our step by step method helps Carey & Conner Consulting to lead each and every client to make the best decision for their business. Entrepreneurs really desire the how to’s and direction on what it takes to be successful!


Brands that Qualify?

With Carey & Conner we don’t just take on any brand, it must meet some important qualifications. Our normal first step in the process is to assess the business’s health (take a risk analysis). After we discover the health of the business then it goes to the determination process.


Determination Process

The determination process is where we measure and do a specific calculation on some different parts of the business model such as the culture fit for our marketing and sales models. If the model is recession resistant we can then ask questions such as: Is the model scalable? Does it possess a potential residual income? Does the model have long term sustainability? These are just some of the determining factors we look at when we conclude if there is true growth potential for your business and the appropriate steps that need to be taken.

Growth Potential

When a business has growth potential, Carey & Conner will look for the best options to help either increase sales, scale locations, or market and sell the model so the business has healthy growth. Our growth opportunities program has many options and only after careful and in-depth analysis does Carey & Conner present the best option to their clients. We have our own sales team and an outsourced reseller group to help promote sales growth. With the growth opportunities program, businesses receive a complete marketing system designed specifically to fit their model.


Schedule a Business Consultation

We would like to set up a free consultation to assess your businesses needs. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs with the personalized consulting in order to direct them so they can follow the right path. If you would like to set up an assessment, call us at 517-323-6531 or click below and you can see our marketing, sales and business consulting in action.

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About Us

Carey & Conner Consulting

Carey & Conner is a brand development, professional marketing and consulting company, focused on helping entrepreneurs with complete business development. Carey and Conner has created multiple brands with its innovative marketing and consulting model that teaches the importance of cohesiveness and organizational clarity within a company’s infrastructure.

Our Purpose

Carey and Conner Consulting has been devoted to leadership and growth-based teaching. The firm’s founders, Dan Carey and Steve Conner, have consulted and marketed for over 1,400 businesses and entrepreneurs. Their dedication to helping businesses, people who desire to be successful, and those that possess the drive to go above and beyond to achieve that success is what motivates them. Their executive staff have the same heart as they do when it comes to seeing their businesses and entrepreneurs succeed through innovative solutions.

Our Founders

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    Dan Carey

    CEO, Carey & Conner
    Dan Carey is a brand developer, marketer, business consultant. From humble beginnings, Dan Carey knew the hard work it takes and the difficult decisions needed to make a business succeed. His heart is to give more than he receives and that is a legacy that he passes onto his team.
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    Steve Conner

    President, Carey & Conner
    Steve Conner is a brand developer, sales expert and business consultant; Carey and Conner Consulting is the vehicle to fulfill a bigger picture for Steve and his family. Steve teaches on great sales strategies from increasing selling time to more closing time.